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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on our emails and social media inquiries, we have created a space to resolve some of your concerns and answer commonly asked questions. Please use this page as a resource! If your question is not answered here, feel free to email us at


Is transportation included?

Transportation is included with all tours, pick up location is anywhere within the San Juan central area. There will be an additional fee per person for pick up locations in Río Grande, Dorado and other surrounding areas. Prices vary!


What is the Refund Policy?

You can cancel and reschedule your tour, up to 72hours prior.  Refunds are not awarded, there are very few exceptions made to this policy. Reschedule is based on availability. Before purchasing please ask questions to ensure you are satisfied with your decision. 

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Are payments required in full?

We typically require full payment in order to reserve your tour. Once payment is received, you will get an email with booking confirmation. Slots will not be held without payment! If financial assistance is needed, please ask about deposits and payment plans


Will my tour get cancelled if it rains?

Tropical weather is to be expected on the island, please expect rain and humidity. Severe weather conditions , like thunderstorms and lightening are unsafe conditions. However, your tour will not be cancelled due to rain showers alone. Please dress accordingly.


Do we offer kid friendly tours?

Most all tours accept children, with a few exceptions like kayaking and ATV (due to age restrictions). Depending on the age range and adventure level we can create a friendly tour for the entire family! Children under the age of 5 is free, ages 5-11 are 50% off and children 12 + are charged as an adult.

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What should I bring with me?

We encourage bug spray (environment friendly) and sunscreen. Water shoes are helpful and or support tennis shoes. A towel can always come in handy! Cash is useful, because not all places accept cards. And do not forget a small snack if you easily get "hangry"

Satisfaction Guarantee

 Our goal is to ALWAYS provide exceptional service! If there Is anything we can do to make your trip more memorable, please do not hesitate to ask.

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